How to learn Tajwid of Quran!

Thiss is easy if you follow this steps: 1.Go in Youtube and search: Lexo Buzeqesh or Click in Thiss 2. Click at Playlists 3. Click in “Texhvidi i Kur’anit or Click Here 4. Whatch All videos in thiss Playlist Finished. Thankyou and dont forget to Like and Subscribe my Channel.

Eid is tomorrow in Saturday

See Photo to know in what day is Eid? Happy Eid to All Muslims around the world 💗 by: “أخبار السعودية” Twitter

يحفظ القرآن بالعكس

Memorize the Qur’an, on the contrary! See this video how this Muslim Children memorize the Quran on the contrary. Salahudin is just 13 years old. Say MashaAllah 🤲 Video is in thiss Channel link