About Us

Lexo Buzeqesh is Education Categorie

First started as Instagram Page @lexo_buzeqesh in 2017.

Lexo Buzeqesh arrived now more than 53K Followers in Instagram

And after Instagram LexoBuzeqesh maked one of top performs in my Country

Lexo Buzeqesh is authentic

And first who you can make “Your name in Makkah” and “Your name in Madinah”

Lexo Buzeqesh is an education categorie who can learn to read Quran, All videos how to read quran arabic is in my Channel in Youtube with one of Playlists


Lexo Buzeqesh was founded by Shefket Muslija, who is an ex-Freelancer who provided Administrative services to a few hundred clients throughout his long freelancing carrier.


My vision is to help all my followers who need to write your names in two holly cities Makkah and Madinah.

I have most requests from people to make name from around the world:

Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italia, France, India, England ,indonezia, Malaysia and others …


Updated: 21.05.2020