• 3 sound systems are operated in Masjid al Haram.
• One is primary and other two are as backup.
• The Imams right microphone is primary, the middle one is the first backup and the left of the three is second backup.
• In the event of the primary sound system failing, the first backup turns on automatically. And if that also fails then second backup turns on, giving Masjid al Haram 0% failure rate.
• Around 50 staff are behind the sound controls.
• More than 6,000 speakers are placed throughout the Masjid al Haram, the courtyards and the surrounding streets and roads, making it one of the largest sound systems in the world.
• Each Imam and Muadhin have sound settings set in accordance to their voice and tone, ensuring clarity and balance all around the Masjid al Haram.

By: Lexo Buzeqesh

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